My target for week one was to lose around 3 pounds but I pleasantly surprised my self this morning, Today when I stepped on the scale I was delighted to see that I lost over 7 pounds. Yaaay.
I,ll continue the same routine in week 2.
In week one I had grapefruits,fruit salads,smoothies,chicken curries,fish cakes,egg frittata,cheese,vegetables and only few brown bread slices during the week.I stayed away from oils,rice pasta,sugar and almost all my favorite takeaways.I am not very fond of fruits and vegetables but created recipes for my taste so that I wont miss my favorite food.I cooked at home.
I walked one hour every day.



Every week I’ll post my progress alongside my food diary,and other tools and weapons that I will be keeping in my weight loss arsenal which I am going to use to torch the extra fat and whittle the inches. I am becoming my own case study. According to Boots scale today I am exactly 15 stones. A UK size 20-22

Here is my measurement chart far from being exciting.

Waist line Ouch,Ouch
Tummy OMG
Arms Oh no
Thighs Thunders


Body fat Half of my body is made of fat YAKH
Water% 32.6
BMI 39

It hurts to know that ( according to Boots and NHS) I need to lose 7-8 stones to be my healthy weight. Keeping this blog will not only keep me motivated but I can keep a closer eye on how my body is changing over time. I am easily distracted from my weight loss goal on my own. Clearly seeing progress and your support will motivate me to continue.

I am dedicated to change my life for better, along the way if any one person with so much extra weight is motivated and inspired to reduce their extra fat, become healthier and happier, it will double, triple my joys.

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames I love Rumi!